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The Sustainable, Clean and Emerging Energy Technologies Group (SCEET-G) is one of the research groups in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. It focuses on Renewable and clean energy research. The group is interested in R & D in clean energy technologies from laboratory research to pilot and demonstration projects. It is concerned with reducing and eliminating obnoxious and harmful gaseous emissions from energy conversion systems thereby ensuring net zero emission. SCEET-G membership cuts across Engineering and Science departments in the University of Nigeria who are interested in energy research, adoption and dissemination of clean energy systems. These include, seasoned senior academics and technologists in engineering and the sciences.

The group carries out its functions through laboratory studies, modelling and consultancy services on energy technologies.   It seeks to find new energy technology concepts which when developed will form broad embodiment of research. The group disseminates her research findings and new thoughts through conference speaking, workshops, seminars and training programmes mounted by the group or on invitation to outside programmes.

Since robust research can only be achieved through collaboration with sound minds, the group collaborates with some research associates across universities in Nigeria and overseas in the area covering its research focus. This usually comes in form of joint grant writing, conference organization and consultancy services.

The group undertakes the pursuit of research funding through competitive grant writing activities.


Man can help sustain the earth by reducing harmful greenhouse emission through the use of clean energy systems. The best is achieved through collaboration.

Mission and vision

A healthy environment can be achieved through the reduction and/or elimination of carbon-related emissions by adopting more efficient energy conversion technologies. The mission of the SCEET-G is to pursue this goal through research and development of these energy systems. Its vision is to contribute to the revolutionizing energy production systems/pathways towards achieving net zero emission. It is vigorously pursuing the possibility of replacing the current non/low efficient energy conversion technologies with improved systems for future energy production.

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